Fitness on the Green at Guthrie Green

What's one of the perks of living in Downtown Tulsa? You are just moments from the workout of a lifetime: Fitness on the Green! This Tulsa event hosted by Guthrie Green gives you a one-hour signature course to help you remain in shape. Instructed by only the best that the city has to offer, this is definitely something you will want to attend regularly throughout the season.

Experience this outdoor, bootcamp style session that features high-caliber cardio to get your heart going, plyometrics, and energetic agility exercises. These courses focus on encouragement rather than over-pushing participants - which makes them fun and enjoyable. These sessions are cumulative - each one being a little tougher than the previous - to ensure that your body is adapting and making progress. Come and check out this great event in the heart of the Downtown Tulsa area.

Sessions begin in the evenings. Check the Guthrie Green event calendar for times.

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