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Take your lifestyle to new horizons. Discover what it means to live exquisitely in Downtown Tulsa.

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Live Remarkably in Downtown Tulsa

Filled with fine dining, great shopping, and surrounded by highways that get you to any part of the city you desire, Downtown Tulsa living is anyone's dream. You won't find a city in all of the Midwest / Southwest that can offer you what this one can. The energetic vibe and classic feel make this a urbanite's paradise. You will be surrounded by great outdoor spaces, traditional community events, and a wealth of dynamic culture.

The Downtown Tulsa area is filled with a variety of districts, each one offering something a little different. When you're searching for Downtown Tulsa homes and condos for sale, it's important to know what district(s) you want to live in and around. Take a look at what the different areas can provide for your desired lifestyle and welcome home to Downtown Tulsa.


Downtown Tulsa Living: People & Lifestyle

The team at Find Your Way Home brings with them some of the city's most in-depth real estate knowledge. Through years of research and successful transactions in the Tulsa market, our realty professionals have closed over $200 million in the past 25 years throughout various parts of the city. Let us help you find the perfect home or condo for sale in the perfect area. We don't just sell homes ... we create a custom-built lifestyle.

The Downtown Tulsa population sits at about 11,500, with male population being a bit higher than female. The average person is 38, making the area very attractive to the younger crowd. The average people per household ranges from 1-2. The highest percentage of person's living in the Downtown Tulsa area holds a bachelor's degree from an accredited university with the second highest percentage of persons holding a graduate-level degree. Almost half of the demographic has never been married, making this area very inviting to single person households or couples who live together but are not married. The average household income is just under $50,000 as the downtown area can be much more affordable than many think.


The Blue Dome District is known for its artistic and entertainment opportunities. Retail includes t-shirt shops, sporting stores, and a local convenience store. The East Village District is often referred to as the sunny side of downtown. Here you will finding dining, nightlife, and chic retail services. The SoBo District (South Boston) is known as the bar district. Residents consider this their go-to for great drinks and weekend getaways. The up-and-coming Cathedral District is really an educational experience that overlaps the movement of the churches with local business development. The Tulsa Arts District (formerly known as the Brady District) is a collection of historically marked landmarks that cater to the preservation and revitalization of both visual and performing arts in the city. The Deco District infuses is an area that features a collection of buildings that showcase the deco art of Downtown Tulsa.


Locals relish the contemporary atmosphere of Downtown Tulsa's bar and restaurant scene. Tavolo offers a wealth of high-end Italian dishes, perfect for any night of the week or as a weekend escape from the house. New Atlas Grill provides a comfortable, retro vibe and serves American favorites with a breakfast and lunch twist. The Vault surrounds you with a mid-century modern ambiance, and is the Downtown Tulsan's go-to for great cocktails, unique dishes, and southern Oklahoma-based favorites. Sports fans will also like Lefty's on Greenwood.


The Guthrie Green area is probably the most sought-out of all Downtown Tulsa residents. Featuring a great selection of programs and activities year-round, the Guthrie Green promotes Oklahoma tradition, Tulsa dignity, and all-around activeness. Spotlight series include First Friday Art Crawl, Movie in the Park, Sunday Concerts, Food Truck Wednesday, Fitness on the Green, and Starlight Band Summer Concerts. Whether your preference is artistic or health & wellness, there's something for everyone at Guthrie Green. As a resident of the downtown area when you purchase a for sale home or condo, this vibrant area will be right at your fingertips.

If you're looking for a place to walk, run, bike, or take the pets for some outdoor time, Centennial Park at the edge of downtown is the place for you. You will appreciate that the fabulous views of the downtown skyline while experiencing nature at its best. Stroll along the path that surrounds the lake and greenery. Centennial Park is absolutely stunning during the fall and spring seasons as wildlife can be seen from every angle.

When you put together all the distinct perks of living in downtown, you can see why its the location of choice when looking for a home in Tulsa. We're here to help you discover the area that's right for you. Let our dedicated team of realty professionals work to bring the best of the city right to your front door. Find your way home to Downtown Tulsa today - search our residential listings to find the perfect house or condo for sale in downtown.



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Find Your Way Home is a premier real estate team in the Tulsa-Metro area and continues to help buyers find their dream home, resulting in nearly $200 million in closed residential real estate transactions over the past 25 years.

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